About AI4M

Using Your Manufacturing Data in a Better Way

Mission Statement

AI4Manufacturing Canada is an industry non-profit organization that takes a leadership role in educating Canadian manufacturers and technology companies on how to best adopt artificial intelligence( AI ). The focus is networking  of manufacturers, technology companies, consultants, suppliers, educational institutions and governments with the exchange of information, advocacy, innovation and collaboration.

Member Benefits 

AI4Manufacturing is fostering a community between technology and manufacturing companies to share information, collaborate and innovate. Through growing a community in Canada, AI4Manufacturing will support its members by hosting events, webinars, networking opportunities, informational sessions, and share case studies to further enhance the members experience. 

AI4Manufacturing will be a knowledge center, of factual and up-to-date information pertaining to technology and manufacturing within Canada and will facilitate the transfer of knowledge between its members.  

AI4Manufacturing will provide informational resources on how to reduce the lack of skill and talent within the industry.

AI4Manufacturing will support its member initiatives by sharing key information such as events and webinars throughout the community. 

AI4Manufacturing will encourage companies to understand and adapt technology into their manufacturing processes 

At the core, AI4Manufacturing will be a voice for its members and the community across Canada. 

Are you ready to take the next step and join a growing community across Canada? Reachout to nicole@ai4manufacturing.com