Transform your production line with AutoCortext: AI-powered Machine Support

Founded in Halifax, NS, Canada, AutoCortext aims to transform industrial and machine manufacturing with our AI-driven solution. Our expert team developed AutoCortext to enhance operational efficiency and reduce downtime, including a user-friendly chat interface, advanced diagnostics, and comprehensive data analysis. Committed to our clients' success, we strive to optimize operations and boost profitability.

Our Features

Collaborative Troubleshooting Platform

Solve problems faster with a platform that enables real-time collaboration among technicians, enriched with shared diagnostics and live video feeds.

Proactive Predictive Maintenance

Stay ahead with AI that schedules maintenance, preempting issues to slash downtime and cut costs, while forecasting machine health.

AI-Powered Analysis for Industrial Machines

Elevate your machinery with AI that interprets schematics, PLC and robot code, plus user and maintenance manuals, enhancing diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Seamless Enterprise Software Integration

Integrate effortlessly with your existing systems for instant insights, linking diagnostics directly to your operational flow, boosting productivity. 

Smart Adaptive Learning

Enhance machine longevity and operational efficiency with a system that learns and optimizes from each interaction, continually improving maintenance strategies and diagnostic accuracy.

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Halifax, Nova Scotia
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