Painting the Future: How AI is Aiding Human Creativity

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In this article Christy Michalak, the Director of Advanced Manufacturing Development at NGen Canada, explores the pervasiveness of AI in the manufacturing industry. Drawing on the role of AI in the creative process, using the example of an AI-powered app to improve a painting. Christy finds that AI can provide valuable input, but it cannot replicate the human touch and creativity that is essential to art and manufacturing. She emphasizes the need to use AI as a tool to enhance human creativity and ideation, rather than replace it, to stay ahead of the competition

About Christy

Christy Michalak is NGen Canada’s Director of Manufacturing Development Programs, where she has the opportunity to bring together some of the brightest minds and the best technology from across Canada to create solutions for today’s most pressing issues. She oil painting when she was five, and today hikes out into the wilderness to paint the Canadian landscape.  As she is involved in both AI and the arts community, she is fascinated about the development of both industries and their intersection.

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